“Do you own your business…
does your business own you?”

At Clever Scaling, we help coaches, consultants, & agency owners install the right technology and processes so they can scale their businesses without sacrificing their souls.

"I call Jaden 'the Lebron James of the Internet'. His work ethic is unstoppable. His teachability & humility is shocking. His desire to do great things drives everything he does."

- Mark Hoverson

What’s Stopping You From Taking Your
Business To The Next Level?

You Had Big Dreams, But Now Are Just Stressed Out.

You are exhausted,
overwhelmed, and stressed to the limit. And you just don’t have the energy or time to build the business that you used to love. And so, the stress builds and takes its toll as you get
burned out.

You Work All The Time, Even When You Are Not At Work.

You feel that you have to do everything yourself. And the longer you work, your performance slips and communication suffers. Also, you dread going to work, struggle to make decisions, and question why you’re even doing this.

You Track
Everything In Notes, Docs, Or Sheets.

And you easily lose track of sales and projects in crusty old documents and sheets. Your mind is meant to be a factory, not a warehouse. And using Google Docs, Excel, and email to run your business doesn’t
cut it anymore.

The Clever
Scaling Method:

Scaling your client-based business is not about grinding more than ever before. It’s about installing the right technology and processes to speed up your growth, in less time, with less overhead, and less of your bandwidth. We can help you:

Develop your business vision and strategy for where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Manage and track your lead generation, sales pipeline, and customer relationships in one place.

Manage and execute your projects in one system and ensure that your team has the resources it needs.

Map out and improve your processes to create consistency and scalability in your organization.

Establish and monitor key performance metrics to get a pulse, make key decisions, and solve issues.

Provide coaching to conquer mental barriers, instill accountability, and achieve ambitious goals.

Meet The Founder

Jaden Easton

Jaden Easton founded a tech blog when he was in high school that generated over half a million dollars in revenue. That first entrepreneurial success was a catalyst for Jaden career. Since then, Jaden co-founded an 8-figure information publishing company, has spoken on stages across North American, and now consults other client-based businesses on how to scale without sacrificing their souls.

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